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We are now open! From Monday 12th April, our sales forecourt is open, test drives are available on an appointment only basis. We are also still offering a ‘contactless’ sale and delivery if required. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment or to book a test drive....... If you wish to sell a car please phone, text or email philip@pjbcarsales.co.uk or use the sell your car page on this website. We can offer a competitive price and will make the process as easy and Covid Secure as possible. If you wish to sell a car please email philip@pjbcarsales.co.uk or use the sell your car page on this website. We can offer a competitive price and will make the process as easy and Covid Secure as possible. Let us know if you are looking for something specific as our stock is fast moving!......if you are interested in one of our three year old one owner cars please contact us.....let us know if you are looking for something specific as our stock changes frequently...If you are new to PJB Car Sales please read our reviews on our testimonials page....If you are looking for an older trade car or something suitable for a new young driver- let us know!..why not follow us on Facebook for our latest news @Pjbcarsales...We offer a complimentary three month RAC warranty parts and labour ....Check out our low prices for top condition cars....See our stocklist for more details.... If you have a car to sell please contact us...We stock all makes of car, specialising in Mazda, Hyundai, VW, Toyota, Kia....Quality Low mileage cars a speciality.........Our friendly staff will make sure you get a reliable car that suits your needs....New stock arriving if you require something specific please call us...contact Philip for more information...If you are new to PJB Car Sales please read our testimonials pages....Why not follow us on Instagram pjbcarsales...Find us on Facebook...If you have a car to sell please contact us by our contact us page or phone us.....let us know if you are looking for a specific car....If you have a car you wish to trade in, please let us know...if you have a car to sell please let us know.... We are now open! From Monday 12th April, our sales forecourt is open, test drives are available on an appointment only basis. We are also still offering a ‘contactless’ sale and delivery if required. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment or to book a test drive....... If you wish to sell a car please phone, text or email philip@pjbcarsales.co.uk or use the sell your car page on this website. We can offer a competitive price and will make the process as easy and Covid Secure as possible. If you wish to sell a car please email philip@pjbcarsales.co.uk or use the sell your car page on this website. We can offer a competitive price and will make the process as easy and Covid Secure as possible. Let us know if you are looking for something specific as our stock is fast moving!......if you are interested in one of our three year old one owner cars please contact us.....let us know if you are looking for something specific as our stock changes frequently...If you are new to PJB Car Sales please read our reviews on our testimonials page....If you are looking for an older trade car or something suitable for a new young driver- let us know!..why not follow us on Facebook for our latest news @Pjbcarsales...We offer a complimentary three month RAC warranty parts and labour ....Check out our low prices for top condition cars....See our stocklist for more details.... If you have a car to sell please contact us...We stock all makes of car, specialising in Mazda, Hyundai, VW, Toyota, Kia....Quality Low mileage cars a speciality.........Our friendly staff will make sure you get a reliable car that suits your needs....New stock arriving if you require something specific please call us...contact Philip for more information...If you are new to PJB Car Sales please read our testimonials pages....Why not follow us on Instagram pjbcarsales...Find us on Facebook...If you have a car to sell please contact us by our contact us page or phone us.....let us know if you are looking for a specific car....If you have a car you wish to trade in, please let us know...if you have a car to sell please let us know....


These are reviews from our customers

Ross Jones     Tue, 02 Mar 2021

The service Philip provides is exceptional and if you are looking to buy a new car then I strongly suggest you speak with him as you will not be disappointed.

My parents have purchased cars from Philip in the past and were adamant that I spoke with him as I was looking to buy a new car. I am very glad I did as his service is second to none and within 48 hours of speaking with him, I received my new car which I am very happy with.

Olga Nikitenko     Mon, 01 Feb 2021

Absolutely amazing service! Philip was very kind, and professional. Nothing was too much trouble and every detail was explained to us.I will definitely go back and deal with Philip again. A+++ .
Thank you very much.

Christine Byrne     Sat, 05 Dec 2020

When a friend recommended I ask Philip to find me a car to suit my budget, I decided to give PJB a try and am very glad I did. Philip is personable and kind and went out of his way to help smooth the process of buying a car which can be nervewracking.
He even helped me negotiate with my insurer to get a better price when transferring it over from my old car. I am very satisfied with the service I received and with my low mileage Civic and will be recommending this business to others.

Janet Kempster     Sun, 30 Aug 2020

Philip was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgable and was able to both supply exactly the car I was looking for and take my previous car in part exchange. He was open, honest and entirely professional and I would certainly use him again and recommend him to other customers. Many thanks.

Kim     Fri, 28 Aug 2020

Very happy with my car buying experience- such a friendly, relaxed and professional service. After contacting Philip and giving him details about what I was looking for, he found the perfect car for me and contacted me as soon as it had come in. Would definitely recommend to anyone else looking to buy/part exchange and will be using again in the future. Many thanks!

Mr and Mrs S     Sun, 02 Aug 2020

Mr and Mrs S,

We really appreciate all the VERY kind, helpful, professional support Philip has shown us - we have now bought 4 cars through Philip and been very happy with all of them. Many Thanks Philip.


Susannah Lea     Thu, 30 Jul 2020

This is the first time I have purchased from PJB and it will not be my last. From the initial viewing to the collection I felt positive and secure in the knowledge that I was in the good, trustworthy and informed hands of Phillip. He went out of his way to ensure that I had made the correct purchase suitable for my son's first vehicle. I would have no hesitation in recommending Phillip and his dealership to anyone in the future. Don't go anywhere else. He's lovely!

Elizabeth Coyle     Mon, 27 Jul 2020

I just bought my first car from Philip - it's a lovely little car, runs very smoothly. Philip was very helpful and efficient and gave the car a service and MOT before I picked it up. Philip is highly professional, dependable and also very kind - I was quite nervous about buying my first car but he treated me just like one of his own daughters. I would 100% recommend Philip and PJB Car Sales to anyone looking to buy a good car!

Francesca Dakin-White     Sat, 11 Jul 2020

I recently sold my car to Philip at PJB. I am very pleased with the price I got for my old car and the service provided. Philip was very polite and knowledgeable. He was super efficient and I would very happy to recommend him.

Lucy Papadopoulos     Sat, 07 Mar 2020

I have just bought my third car from Philip at PJB . Every car has been reliable, good value , just what I was looking for and exactly how it was described by Philip. I can thoroughly recommend buying a car from PJB car sales. Philip is trustworthy, professional, dependable, helps you through every step of the purchase and a very nice chap, I wouldn’t go any where else!

Dominique Arnold     Thu, 30 Jan 2020

I have just part exchanged my old car with Philip and brought a new one. I was very pleased with the price I got for my old car and the service provided and for finding me a car that suited the list of requirements I gave to him. He is very polite, efficient and diligent. If my trusted mechanic Brian recommends him then he must be good. All my mum's friends go to Philip to get their cars and half her local golf club! Excellent service.


Matt     Fri, 06 Dec 2019

My wife and I have used Philip for our car purchases over many years and he is consistently good... we recommend him to all our friends. Recently I have just had to update my car and once again Philip has shown himself to have a passion for making sure everything is "just right", genuinely cares that the car and budget are in your best interests and does whatever is reasonable to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Until the next time, thanks Philip!

Sarah Evans     Wed, 04 Dec 2019

Great service from Philip. We needed a runaround car for our au pair and Philip was incredibly helpful and knowledgable about what would be suitable. He was able to get the car ready for us quickly and sort out all the road tax etc for us. Philip is very trustworthy and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you for your help Philip!

Ali Lomax     Tue, 19 Nov 2019

Philip was so incredibly helpful and quick when it came to helping my Mum change car recently. The time he took and particular knack he has with people of all ages shone through immediately and nothing was too much trouble. He worked out exactly what we were looking for,found it, and we were happy with the price. Thankyou again Philip. I would highly recommend him.

Katie     Tue, 29 Oct 2019

This is the second car we have bought from PJB car sales. I would highly recommend Philip as he takes all the stress and worry out of buying a second hand car. After passing her test a few months ago my daughter was looking to purchase a cheap, low mileage car. Philip could not have been more helpful. He very quickly found her a Nissan Micra which she loved. He kept us updated with the servicing etc throughout the whole process and even gave her a lesson in how to operate all the controls before she drove it away! Once again, many thanks.

Dave     Thu, 19 Sep 2019

Thank you Philip for yet another super, very low mileage car in lovely condition at a great price and an easy competitive trade in of my old car. The whole thing was so well managed in such a friendly and helpful way once again. I have lost count now of how many cars I have had from PJB and I recommend Philip to anyone looking for a car, I would never go anywhere but PJB Car Sales.


Will B     Sun, 23 Jun 2019

Extremely satisfied with the car and the service. Philip is that rare find we all look for in life; An honest car salesman who doesn't cut corners left right and center to maximise profit. Any issues with the vehicle were outlined, discussed openly and in the case of the aircon, sorted prior to the vehicle exchange. I was pleasantly surprised at unexpected plus points like all tires being either new or in very good condition and the cam belt being replaced in his workshop. Philip is exceedingly friendly, helpful and his team of mechanics are very thorough. Highly recommend this great car sales business!

Lynn Shields     Thu, 14 Feb 2019

After my poor car was written off, I was recommended PJB Car Sales by several people on Next door website.
I can see why - Phillip is a truly genuine trustworthy and honest salesman. He made the whole process of buying a second hand car painless. He was so helpful - he even came and picked me up when the car was ready to collect.
Can't recommend him highly enough.

Adele Thompson     Wed, 13 Feb 2019

Well where do i start...Phillip is the most honest and trustworthy salesman I have ever met. I chose my car within a few minutes and it was ready to collect a few days later. I will be buying any future cars from Phillip. An absolute lovely and honest person. Thank you Phillip xxx

peter dixon     Fri, 08 Feb 2019

At 80 years of age I decided to give up driving feeling isolated without a car I decided to contact Phil and enquired about an automatic,as I am disabled and cannot drive a manual .Phil said ; Where do you live ; and I will bring a good automatic to your home.Phil arrived within the hour and after 10 minutes agreed to buy the car.Phil pointed out that I would have to tax the car before a sale could be made.I informed him that being registered disabled I was exempt from paying car tax No problem said Phil. I will go to he local post office and sort the problem out. I would consider this as / over and above/ what one would expect from a car salesman Within 4 hours of seeing the car payment was made and the car was mine.Could not have been more satisfied with the service I got from Phil . Will recommend him to friends . By the way the car I purchased was a KIA 1.25 it drives like a dream.

Catherine     Mon, 04 Feb 2019

Today I purchased a vehicle from Philip at PJB Car Sales. Couldn't recommend him highly enough, great service and very knowledgeable. The overall customer service was second to none, I will definitely be using Philip in the future.

Art&Linda     Sat, 03 Nov 2018

After not having a car for 10 years and in need of one I contacted Phillip who,concerned that I was out of touch with newer cars encouraged me to test drive as many cars as l liked to gain comparisons.He patiently allowed me as much time as needed explaining the differences until I was satisfied that I knew what I wanted. He had a great selection of small cars available and noted if none were suitable or in budget he would find me one.
No need as l bought a super little Hyundai i10 with low mileage and one previous owner! All with a smile and picking us up and dropping us back home because we hadn't a car of our own of course!
Thanks a million Phillip,first class,well done,
Art and Linda

Katharine Tillott     Tue, 30 Oct 2018

Three friends had recommended I go to PJB Car Sales and I dropped by to see Philip after I realised it would cost more to repair my 13 year old Toyota Corolla than to sell it. I knew I would not need to look any further to find my new car, because within 10 minutes of arriving, there it was! I have traded in the Toyota for a lovely Kia Picanto in metallic blue, with very low mileage and in nearly new condition. Philip made sure all the hassles of paperwork went smoothly, plus MOT complete, along with tax and within three days the Picanto was mine! Philip even went to the trouble to tune the radio and transfer my little stick on dinosaur on to the boot of my new car. And when I had forgotten my National Trust membership sticker from my old car, he posted it through my door. Thank you so much, Philip - I am very happy with my new car. Kathy

Alice Pitman     Sun, 23 Sep 2018

I’m in complete agreement with the sentiments expressed in previous testimonials. It’s such a relief after years of disappointing experiences with pushy or indifferent car salesmen to come across Philip. The whole car buying process was made remarkably stress free and easy from start to finish. In a world of dodgy car dealerships, PJB Cars is like finding a diamond in a coal mine!

sarahebstock@aol.com     Thu, 05 Apr 2018

I cannot recommend Philip and PJB Car Sales enough - just brilliant . Within 24 hours I had offloaded my dear Mini and took charge of a Kia Picanto - and great personal service, test drives, paperwork all sorted for me etc etc : Truly, well - what's not to like ! Thank you Philip , thank you. Sarah x

Gemma Bonner     Tue, 02 Jan 2018

Philip is fantastic!
It was a sad day when my car died and I was told it was not worth the expense of a new engine. Then I found Philip! Four different people recommended him to me so I gave him a call and within 3 days I had a nearly new Hyundai 120i.
I have never come across a car dealer who is so honest, helpful and will actually go out of their way to make sure you are happy with your purchase. I test drove several cars and then test drove again. I instantly fell in love with the Hyundai,it's so easy to drive and in immaculate condition.
When I collected my new car, Philip spent a long time showing me what each button, light, gadget did and I drove away feeling safe, happy and comfortable.
I can't recommended Philip enough, if you need a car, definitely give him a call! You will not be disappointed.


Jo Mabbutt     Thu, 26 Oct 2017

When my car died in May, a local garage recommended Philip as a trustworthy local car dealer. Having been put off by some very pushy salesmen at main dealerships, I found a true gem in Philip. He was easy going, knowledgeable and a delight to deal with and I was able to go away for 7 days confident that by the time I returned Philip would have found exactly the car that I needed – which he did – a Kia Venga at the right mileage and price, also in great condition. In the interim he also helped me find a hire car for 24 hours at a very reasonable rate and if that hadn’t worked out he offered one of his cars to tide me over. He couldn’t do enough for me and I was so impressed.

Skip forward 4 months and my lovely car was rear-ended at such a speed that it was written off. Philip came to my rescue again immediately offering most helpful advice about dealing with my insurers and the underwriters, and looking around for a suitable replacement car. He again offered one of his cars if I needed one and was able to find an identical Kia Venga with even less mileage.

I can thoroughly recommend Philip for superb customer service with a matching sense of humour.

Ruth Dyson     Sat, 30 Sep 2017

We needed to find a first car for our daughter and on recommendation from a friend, found Philip. He was able to advise re possibilities and then quickly found us a low mileage, excellent condition Mazda 2 which suited our need perfectly. Philip was so helpful and professional that the whole experience of car buying was pleasant and unpressured. A few months on, our daughter is delighted with her new wheels and we are grateful for the service we received from Philip. Good to know of Philip should we need a further purchase in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Thank you!

Sally Q     Wed, 13 Sep 2017

I needed a car swiftly as my car was starting to go wrong (admittedly after 17 years!). I was recommended Philip by my mum who had bought her car from him a few years earlier. I know nothing about cars and Philip guided me excellently without being pushy and listened to what I wanted and understood! It was such a pleasant experience, I totally trust him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. People selling cars have a lot to learn from Philip! Super happy with the car and I know I will be getting my next one from him!

Nikki Watts     Mon, 19 Jun 2017

I recently made the decision to upgrade my car. The car had originally been bought from Phillip so naturally I went back to seek his help. As ever he was honest, helpful and ensured that I ended up with the right car for me.
I cannot praise his customer service skills highly enough and I'd say that whatever you want, at whatever price you have, he will find your ideal car.
I can't imagine buying a car from anywhere else again!

IAN GOODWIN     Tue, 06 Jun 2017

After 25 years of having a company car and following retirement I was faced with having to source my own vehicle. Not wanting to purchase from a main dealer and a pressure salesman who is more interested in his sales figures than my requirements I came across Phillip after browsing online.
I went to East Horsley and visited his garage.
I found Philip to be knowledgeable, relaxed and a pleasure to deal with, no pressure selling.
I ended up purchasing a car that I had no intention of purchasing, through my own decision and not pressure selling. During the days that followed prior to me receiving the car Philip kept me informed of progress regards servicing etc.
The car was presented to me on day of collection in immaculate condition, down to the last detail. Handover was excellent explaining what button did what etc.
Two weeks in I discovered that the aircon was not working, not something I would have expected something Philip to pick up at time of delivery considering the weather! I contacted Philip and he was immediately on the case having his mobile aircon man round the same day and got it all fixed as part of his warranty, no questions asked just apologies.
Overall I am delighted

Stephen & Tina     Sat, 01 Apr 2017

PHILLIP is someone that is a happy, chearful, patient, conciencious, person who willingly goes that extra mile and more to get the car that is right for each individual customer that he is willing to put his name to and nothing is too much trouble.

Marion Bignell     Thu, 30 Mar 2017

My son urgently needed a new car and Philip went out of his way to source him exactly what he required. My son is now the proud owner of a low mileage Mazda 2 , which is in a great condition and he is absolutely delighted with it.

I most definitely recommend Philip and PJB Motors. Philip is a really genuine guy who wants to please and help his customers and will do whatever it takes to meet their requirements.

In fact, my eldest son has now also asked Philip to source him a car as he is so impressed with his brother's purchase!

Thank you, Philip.

Bill Burge     Wed, 22 Mar 2017

Philip not only supplies great low mileage cars, he also provides an exceptional service, which is a rare commodity these days. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Liz Hunt     Mon, 27 Feb 2017

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Philip; a man after my own heart with a hand-shake commitment. We purchased a car on the forecourt with ease which will be an ideal first car for our daughter. He was honest and open about the car and gave us the full history to the best of his knowledge.

I have no doubt that it will prove to be a big success and with his name above the door I’m sure that he will sort out any problems – but I doubt that there will be any.

Now to find a ribbon big enough to go around it!


Michael Agius     Fri, 10 Feb 2017

My wife and I have known Philip for many years and have just bought our third car from him. He is always friendly, helpful and reliable and our first port of call if we are considering changing cars.

Our last car, a 1996 Toyota Carina, was bought as a stop gap three years ago when I crashed our previous car and needed something immediately. However it kept on going and going. If ever there was a small problem, Philip would help fix it. Nothing was too much of a problem.

We have only changed cars because Philip knew we wanted a small people carrier and when one came which fitted the bill, he phoned to let us know. We decided immediately that the car, a Toyota Corolla Verso, was too good to pass up. As with all the other cars bought from him, it is in excellent condition for its age and has a well recorded service history.

Many thanks once again, Philip

Sue Thomas     Mon, 19 Dec 2016

Recently bought a VW Golf from Philip and the whole process could not have been easier. His attention to detail, customer service and knowledge are outstanding. Sounds small, but for me it was essential I could play my iPod so he sourced a gadget and tested it for me. The car was in very good condition with low mileage and a full service history. Rather than immediately write a glowing testimonial, I wanted too drive the car for a while to check nothing untoward came to light but I needn't have worried. If you want to buy a good car from an honest man who makes it easy and stress free, then Philip is your man

Kevan Sutton     Fri, 09 Dec 2016

My wife and I recently bought a Hyundai i30 from Philip at PJB Car Sales. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he gave us his undivided attention in both the pre- and post-sales discussions. The car was very low mileage, high quality and an absolute joy to drive. I can't recommend Philip highly enough.

Lisa Glasspool     Tue, 06 Dec 2016

I would wholeheartedly recommend Phillip at PJB Car Sales. He alleviated the stress out of the buying/selling process and listened carefully to my wish list. Phillip has also sourced a car for my Mother-in-law and given her fantastic customer service and his time. My Mother-in-law also has her VW serviced regularly at the servicing side and has always been happy. I wish the garage future continued success.

Martin Wayne     Sun, 30 Oct 2016

We have recently bought a Toyota Yaris from PJB Car Sales and the customer service has been excellent. Philip has gone out of his way to help and offer really useful advice. The whole process went extremely smoothly and I would have no hesitation in recommending PJB Car Sales to anyone looking for a car to buy. Philip has a high level of integrity and customer focus that is refreshing to experience.

Katie     Mon, 17 Oct 2016

I recently had to buy a new car but had no idea what I wanted and was dreading the whole process. Philip could not have been more helpful or patient. I gave him a list of 'must haves' and 'would likes' and a maximum budget. We test drove a few different cars and he listened carefully to what I liked and didn't like about each one and then got in a Fiesta and a Mazda 2 for me to try. I loved the Mazda 2 and bought it! I would absolutely recommend Philip - this kind of customer service is hard to find these days. He even offered to lend me a runaround if the new car didn't arrive in time which took all the stress out of the situation. Thank you so much Philip - I am really grateful for all your help and I am delighted with my new car!

Rehana     Thu, 15 Sep 2016

I recently bought a Mazda 3 from PJB Car Sales. I am absolutely thrilled with it. Philip is a refreshingly genuine and honest secondhand car dealer, surprisingly, because the two would seem mutually exclusive. But Philp is a really, really nice guy who genuinely cares about his customers and the service he provides. I came away with much more than a car, I came away with peace of mind, and that is priceless. I would definitely use his services again and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Heather     Sat, 03 Sep 2016

We've recently bought two Hyundai i10s for my mother (including part exchanging) and one for our daughter from Philip. Both cars are in great condition with low mileage. Philip was a joy to deal with - everything was arranged without any hassle and very quickly - and we're really pleased with both purchases.

Noel Cassar     Mon, 08 Aug 2016

I bought a 2006 Mazda 3 a few months ago from Philip. I am very happy with the car. Philip was very honest throughout the process, and is still willing to help with any questions or technicalities which I have from time to time. I have no hesitation in recommending PJB cars as a reliable place to buy your car!

Joy     Mon, 11 Jul 2016

I recently bought a car for my daughter, and was lucky enough to have been recommended PJB. Until then I had dreaded going through the 'judgement process' - so many things to consider. Philip made everything so easy, I can't recommend him enough. He put the joy back into buying a car. I will not consider buying a second hand car from anyone else. Thank goodness there are still some people committed to providing trustworthy and friendly customer service.

Jane     Sat, 09 Jul 2016

Philip has been my knight in shining armour and gone above and beyond in customer service. He is also a rare man who listens and remembers what you have said about your car likes and dislikes and that is why I have just bought a fab Hyundai i30 from him. My car was stolen and I had no knowledge of his garage or him but he helped me replace my car over the last two months and he never pushed me to make a quick decision. He also helped me with a runaround whilst he sourced the car I asked for. I would tell anyone to buy from him rather than a main dealer because he wants to help and he makes it easy for the customer.

Dave     Sun, 26 Jun 2016

Just purchased car number 4 from PJB Car Sales. Again Philip found me the right car at the right price with Full Service History and low mileage in superb as new condition. Many Thanks to Philip for such excellent service.

Helen     Tue, 24 May 2016

Philip couldn't have been more helpful. My car was literally falling apart around me, I needed a new car & fast! I knew what I wanted, a week or so later & I'm behind the wheel of it!
A real Pleasure to deal with, not you stereotype car salesman thank goodness.
Would highly recommend.
Thank you from very happy girl putting her foot down

Ian C     Sun, 01 May 2016

We were looking for a cheap but reliable car to teach our son to drive in. Philip listened to our needs, looked out for the right car and we are delighted with the result. Philip is a pleasure to deal with and is a man of his word.

Jacky Daniel     Thu, 21 Apr 2016

We were recommended PJB Car Sales by our friend who put us on to Philip Barker as we needed to replace our car. Philip found us a fantastic Hyundai Getz. The car is a joy to drive and just perfect us! Philip listened to our needs, answered any questions and helped us from start to finish. In fact nothing was too much trouble, which, as an older couple was very reassuring. I strongly recommend that if anyone is considering purchasing a car they go and see Philip first. Thanks for all you help Philip, we are very grateful.

Jones     Fri, 15 Apr 2016

Following a recommendation in 2010 we have, as a family of four, purchased all our vehicles from PJB Car Sales. We have just purchased a Hyundai 130 Auto replacing one of our older cars and upon collection drove this car with confidence on a round trip up to Cumbria it handling motorways and fell passes in style!
The whole family thoroughly recommend Philip for his good advice and providing each of us with the perfect affordable vehicle in line with our individual requirements. We count ourselves fortunate to have received the recommendation. Many thanks Philip.

John C     Mon, 11 Apr 2016

I have just purchased a Honda Jazz from PJB and the services provided were excellent. Philip found the car that exactly met my requirements and I am delighted.
The assurance of a local quality service from PJB, plus back up from Forest Motors and Philip Stonely made the decision very easy.
This is the third car we have bought over the last 10 years and we WILL NOT go anywhere else !!

Celia     Sun, 28 Feb 2016

Last week I took possession of the 2nd VW Golf car bought from Philip. I had the 1st one for 7 years and it was brilliant so I naturally went back to him when I needed an update. Both times Philip was so helpful. Nothing was too much trouble . Everything was very easy and efficiently done in such a friendly manner. Many thanks.Philip. I will definitely return to you when I need another,in the meantime I will recommend Philip to others.

Jackie Worsfold     Mon, 22 Feb 2016

I took delivery of a great little Honda Jazz last week. It's the first car I've bought from Philip, although I do know people who have been very satisfied customers in the past. Philip was so helpful and friendly, providing great service and lots of little extras to make the whole business of buying the car very easy for me. I'm so pleased with my new car, and I'd definitely recommend PJB Car Sales to anyone.

Brian Purtle     Thu, 18 Feb 2016

I was very please with my visit to PJB cars , they provided an excellent service , were easy to deal with and very helpful.


Marion Agnew     Tue, 16 Feb 2016

I am absolutely delighted with my Mazda bought from Philip. He made the purchase very easy and I was recommended to him. Thank you.

Ron and Marilyn Viner     Mon, 18 Jan 2016

Six months on from purchasing the Mitsubishi Colt that Philip found for our daughter she is still absolutely delighted - and so are we! We've recommended Philip to several others and will continue to do so!

Janet Paremain     Tue, 12 Jan 2016

I would recommend anyone to buy a car from Philip. He was extremely helpful and kind and made the whole process smooth and hassle free. It was a real pleasure to do business with him and I would definitely return if I needed to purchase another car...

Fiona Gamble     Mon, 21 Dec 2015

It was difficult choosing a car for my three children to share while learning to drive. I wanted a little value-for-money car that was cheap to tax, insure and maintain. Phillip at PJB car sales was recommended to me by a friend as someone who would solve my problem. He was patient and flexible and did his utmost to provide a car that suited our needs, within budget.I can happily recommend PJB car sales to all parents in the same position, you won't be disappointed.

Susie Tomkins     Tue, 08 Dec 2015

I recently bought a car from Philip at PJB and he made it all so easy. He handled everything including the transfer of my cherished number plate to the new car. My mother has also bought all her cars from Philip and wouldn't go anywhere else. Philip is an honest, friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful sales person and goes above and beyond the call of duty! I would recommend PJB to anyone looking to purchase a car in the future.

Mr Anthony Mainwaring     Tue, 01 Dec 2015

We have recently purchased a car from PJB Car Sales. Phillip was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble from when we drove past and spotted the car to when we purchased it. Everything was made so easy and straightforward. 10/10 for service.. We are delighted with the car and would certainly recommend PJB Car sales. Once again thank you for your excellent service Phillip

Claire     Tue, 03 Nov 2015

Huge thanks to the PJB Car Sales team! Now on my fourth PJB car... over several years Philip has always managed to source the perfect vehicle for my requirements, he is the 'go-to' person for marvellous motors! :-)

Chris Rigby     Sun, 01 Nov 2015

Philip sourced a Hyundai I30 for me and I was delighted that it was in excellent condition and low mileage. Philip kept in contact regularly which I really appreciated and his service is second to none. It's the first time I have used PJB Car Sales and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Definitely will use them again for my next car!.

Jakx Evans     Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Brilliant service, Beautiful car, every detail was attended to, all I had to do was drive the car away. Nothing was too much trouble... excellent car which is the perfect one for me. Highly recommended. Extremely friendly and professional. Many thanks to Philip.

Jeanette Holt     Wed, 23 Sep 2015

I am delighted to have just bought a Honda Jazz from Philip, having also bought my last 4 cars from him. All the cars that I have purchased from him have been brilliant. I trust Philip implicitly and wouldn't buy a car from anyone else. He is always professional, friendly and goes the extra mile in providing excellent customer service. Nothing is too much trouble and I thoroughly recommend him. Thank you once again Philip.

Ann Joseph     Sun, 06 Sep 2015

We were looking to upgrade the VW Polo that Philip had found for us 4 years ago. I called in to see him and discussed what we were looking for. Just like before he found just what we wanted and we now have a 3 yr old, low mileage Golf that is in great condition. Philip is very knowledgeable and makes the whole process so easy, nothing is too much trouble. Thanks again Philip.

Lucy Charlton     Thu, 06 Aug 2015

Philip and PJB came highly recommended by my family. Everything they said is true. We are now the proud owners of a Seat Ibiza - it looks new and drives beautifully. This is the fifth car the family have purchased which speaks volumes. Philip goes the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble, even being available in the evening so we were able to view the car at our convenience. He registered, taxed and delivered the car to our door - a fantastic service. Many thanks Philip, we are delighted.

Ron and Marilyn     Tue, 28 Jul 2015

Recommended by a friend at Bookham Baptist we thought we'd set Philip a near impossible task - a replacement car for our daughter following an MOT failure. But within 2 weeks he had sourced a 3 year old Mitsubishi Colt with 1700 miles on the clock! Amazing - and a delighted daughter! Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough professionalism given in such a relaxed, friendly and personal way.

Jade     Mon, 27 Jul 2015

Would definitely recommend Philip! He found me the car I wanted quickly, did a service and tax before dropping it round for me. As a first time buyer he made the process very easy. His communication is brilliant, takes time and care to sort everything out and make sure you are happy with everything. PJB car sales are friendly, take care and attention to detail and helpful throughout the process. Many thanks!

Fran     Mon, 06 Jul 2015

I bought a new car from Philip at PJB last week and was delighted with the friendly help and service he provided. Although I needed no 'sales pitch' as I spotted the car I thought would suit me, he was able to answer all my questions and provided a service, MOT and tax before purchase. I would recommend his garage to any prospective purchasers.

Yvonne Heard     Mon, 29 Jun 2015

Amazingly Philip found me the exact Yaris model/colour/year/low mileage I wanted, within hours ! I was feeling nervous about an imminent purchase from another source and I was so glad that I was introduced to Philip. You can't beat such a personal service and total integrity. I will be returning when its time for a change. Thank you Philip.

Nick     Sun, 28 Jun 2015

I've actually lost count of the number of cars our family has bought from Philip over the last 10 years. I consider him to be completely trustworthy, honest, sincere, friendly and very knowledgeable.


R. Roshini - Post Office - East Horsley     Mon, 15 Jun 2015

My experience at PJB car sales was positive because Philip made me feel relaxed and did not push for a sale. Also my requirements and budget were catered for and I felt that I was in control. I bought a Hyundai Getz that was in very good condition. He also replaced the radio with a new one after a few months. He is such a sweet heart and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

SJW     Mon, 08 Jun 2015

Such a great help when my 17yr old son wanted to buy his first car with money he had saved. Philip made said son feel at ease and dealt direct with him with adult interference only to make sure he was asking the right questions. A great experience hopefully a great little car and we would certainly recommend and will revisit when in due course we upgrade. Thank you so much.

Rachel C     Fri, 15 May 2015

I bought a polo from Philip a little ago while now, and I can't recommend him highly enough! He met with me on a Sunday because of my difficult work hours, and was helpful and knowledgable. I will go straight back next time I need a car! He also very kindly put coconut air freshener in it for me as I loved it when I test drove some cars! What a gent!

Jackie Durrant     Thu, 07 May 2015

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a silver Honda Jazz which I bought from Philip at PJB car sales. After a run-around by Honda Leatherhead in which the car I "purchased" from them had actually already been sold! I decided to check out PJB since several friends had recommended Philip. To my surprise and delight he had just what I needed. I have never enjoyed buying a car so much. Philip was kind, generous with his time, friendly and very helpful,totally different from any other car sales person. I have complete confidence in this car purchase. Many thanks for your excellent service Philip.

Wendy Gabriel     Tue, 28 Apr 2015

I recently bought a Volkswagon Fox from Philip for my three sons. We are all absolutely delighted with the car and cannot recommend Philip highly enough. He was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. He went the extra mile with everything and even put in a cable connection for the boys to play their music. Philip really cares about his customers, giving excellent value for money and made buying the car a very enjoyable and stress-free experience. Many thanks Philip.

Graham Spratt     Tue, 10 Mar 2015

My daughter has just bought a second hand VW Golf from PJB Car Sales and we were both very impressed with Philip's service. This is the second car we have bought from Philip and we recommend him highly. There is no hard sell, he is very helpful and friendly and the Golf is in excellent condition. It's only drawback, from my daughter's point of view, was it didn't have an ipod connection. This was not a problem, in no time Philip had sourced a cable connection and fitted it very neatly under the radio! Many thanks Philip.

Richard     Thu, 26 Feb 2015

I recently decided to update my current car so at the insistence of my sister who is a long time fan of PJB visited Philip and within a very short time was the proud owner of a lovely Honda Jazz!I was extremely happy with the whole process and Philip certainly went the extra mile to ensure that all the paperwork went through without a hitch and even replaced all 4 tyres to ensure everything was OK.An excellent service.


Gordon     Mon, 15 Dec 2014

I have just bought a cheap, good quality SHC for a friend. Philip is all the things other people have said about him. SH car dealers are usually tricky and you have to count your fingers after a hand shake!! Not Philip! He even came to my house and replaced the number plates - free and arranged the Post Office ownership transfer and new tax. Great guy!!

Jo Shearman     Fri, 12 Dec 2014

PJB is the BEST 2nd Hand Car Sales person - I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to purchase a car!

Mrs A. Etheridge     Thu, 04 Dec 2014

Good deal and excellent customer service. I have had my Mitsubishi Colt for 2 months and am very happy with it. Thank you Phillip.

Matt & Lauren Downey     Sun, 16 Nov 2014

Philip came highly recommended to us by various friends of ours from Bookham Baptist Church. They were right - Philip really cares about what he sells and has a well-deserved reputation based on excellent customer service. We wanted a small second car to share with our 18 year old son once he passed his test. With Philip's help and advice, we settled on a request for a red Mazda 2 within a specific price range and Philip came up with just the thing. That was 3 months ago and we are still very happy with our purchase and would recommend Philip to anybody.

Janine Stein & David Wren     Wed, 22 Oct 2014

"Would you buy a used car from this man?" Most definitely, "Yes", as we are about to complete the purchase of our fourth car from Philip. Philip is so helpful and friendly, and his service is second to none. We really cannot praise him enough. It is such a pleasure to deal with somebody who genuinely wants you to have the car of your choice without submitting you to hard-sell techniques. His after sales service is equally impressive; he even helped me out when I had a problem with a car I hadn't bought from him! Well done Philip; you're a star.

Helen Dean     Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Just bought my 6th car from Philip - a super-duper sporty little Honda Jazz Si at a really competitive price. Although I've now moved to the south coast, I will still come back to buy my cars from Philip as he is so lovely and makes everything stress-free!

Ili Rodic     Mon, 18 Aug 2014

We part exchanged our well used 2 door Ford Ka for a 5 door Mitsubishi Colt 4 weeks ago and have been very happy with it since. The whole deal was done and dusted in just two visits - Philip is easy to get on with and very helpful. We will return to him next time we need another car!

Lucy Clark     Wed, 30 Apr 2014

We bought our daughter her first car from Philip more that 5 years ago and have just upgraded whilst part exchanging that same car (which has been reliable and without problems). We have found him extremely easy to deal with as he listens to requirements and does what he says he will. I would recommend both him and the cars he sells!

Caroline lang     Wed, 23 Apr 2014

Just like the cars he sells Philip goes the 'extra mile' and more. Honest, reliable, trustworthy, an all round good runner! We bought our first car from Philip in 2010 having been recommended by a friend - it is still a dream to drive, solid and reliable. When we found ourselves needing an additional car in October 2013 the first port of call was Philip, he came up trumps again.
When you buy a car from Philip you will be buying from someone who cares about your requirements (even down to the minutia of not wanting a green car!), will actually listen to you regarding your requirements and has a wealth of advice and patience to allow you time to consider all options - nothing is too much trouble - thank you :)


Jane Lines     Tue, 01 Apr 2014

I highly recommend Philip, who recently sold me a 2nd hand Vauxhall Corsa, which I am delighted with. He was most helpful and reassuring in every way and I know that I can rely on him to help me out with any problems that I may have in the future.

Nikola Neville     Sun, 09 Mar 2014

I have never met such a pleasant car salesman. Philip sold me a low mileage car which I am very pleased with. We are still in contact as has helped me out with sorting out my old car. Philip is so easy to chat to and couldn't wish for a better chap than him.

Margaret     Fri, 07 Mar 2014

What a pleasure to meet an honest car dealer !!! I have recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Philip and what a stress free purchase it was. Philip is so helpful there is nothing to much for this man, if he can help you out with anything he will. I am still phoning him with questions and he is still very helpful. I would recommend this garage to everyone. It was a real pleasure doing business with such a genuine person.

Sue Hay     Mon, 03 Mar 2014

I sought Philip's advice in December after having no end of trouble with my car. He sold me a lovely car, low mileage, excellent condition which I am very happy with. We discussed what I actually needed my car for and gave good sound advice. I felt absolutely no pressure from him when deciding and would strongly recommend him to anyone and would certainly use him again. It is a pleasure doing business with him.

Mic & Jean     Fri, 28 Feb 2014

February 2014

Mic & Jean

We recently had an accident and our car was written off. A friend recommended Philip to us so we decided to consult him.
Philip was so helpful and caring. He took all the stress and worry out of our hands with the procedures of dealing with the car insurance claim, DVLA and sourcing a replacement car. Nothing is too much trouble for him even to the point of following me in his car to where I had to return the courtesy car 15 miles away to bring me back. We would recommend Philip to anybody who wishes to buy a second hand car.

Karen Inch     Sat, 25 Jan 2014

Phillip is not only a thoroughly nice guy, but is honest, helpful and a mine of useful information. I have just confidently bought my 2nd car from him and recommend that anyone needing to change their car should pay him a visit. You will get the sort of service that makes buying a car a good experience!

azim     Wed, 25 Dec 2013

we bought yaris toyota from philip and after 6 months the car is still running smoothly as promised and good on mileage.
Philip brought the car to my home so we could test drive and he made sure we were all happy. If not philip would search for the car of liking
But we were happy and was delivered few days later with full service etc etc and full tank of petrol. This is service at highest level without compromise. Happy christmas and thank you again


Natalie Watson     Mon, 21 Oct 2013

I cannot thank Philip enough. Took delivery of my car today. Everything I wanted and more. More importantly, during the year it took to find the car, I visited with Philip to discuss various options. Each time the visit was a delight. Philip totally restores one's faith buying a second hand car. Thank you again Philip. PS people going back for 2nd and 3rd cars MUST speak for itself.

Angela     Mon, 21 Oct 2013

I was looking for a car for my daughter who is learning to drive. I went to see Philip who knew exactly what I had in mind- small engine, low insurance group, low mileage, reliable and it had to appeal to a 17 year old! A bit of a tall order but within a week Philip contacted me to say he had found a suitable car and within my budget. Sophie is delighted with her new car and I am delighted that the whole thing was stress free and i have exactly what i asked for and at the price i could afford. Thank you Philip.

Anna Brown     Sat, 31 Aug 2013

I can only agree with the other testimonials. Fortunately someone told me about Philip when my car died and I needed one in a hurry, and had very little money. Not only did Philip find me a car, he made sure that it was working well before selling it to me. I now have a reliable car that cost very little and I am extremely grateful to him. Customer service that goes beyond all expectations. I know where I will be buying my cars from in the future and would recommend him without reservation.

Nikki Watts     Sat, 10 Aug 2013

After buying from Philip on a couple of previous occasions I have been a company car driver for the last 5 years. When my work situation changed overnight unexpectedly and I was without a car I returned to Philip to ask for help. He not only remembered me but was willing to immediately help, knowing how pressing my situation was. He found the colour car I wanted (very important!) at the right price, and his service was second to none. I would recommend him to anyone because he listens, cares and makes every customer feel special. When it comes to car salesmen and trust - Philip puts the two together and comes up with a professional and faultless service.

Graham Douglas     Tue, 02 Jul 2013

Having been looking for a specific car for a while I found one advertised by Philip. As I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it was a bit of a risk travelling down and maybe the description of the car not being right or something like that. This was not the case, the car was spot on and 100% as described. As the other testimonials say customer service is obviously what Philip relies on and his is very good at it. Well done Philip and thankyou. Would recommend to anyone.

John Chadwick     Thu, 04 Apr 2013

I recently had an accident in which my car was written off. The car was supplied 4 years ago by Philip and, after my accident, I immediately contacted him about a replacement. As luck would have it, he had just secured an identical car of a more recent age and I was able to purchase it from him within a week or so. Philip was very helpful in my dealings with my insurance company on the question of valuation and helped me to secure a tax disc rebate.

I have nothing but praise for Philip and whenever I can I tell my friends that we are indeed fortunate in having his expertise so close to hand.

Well done, Philip!

Spencer Chandler     Mon, 18 Mar 2013

I can't speak highly enough of Philip. Genuinely interested in customer satisfaction and an absolute gentleman. I got great value and customer service - how often do you find that?!? The next time I buy another car PJB will be my first port of call.

Helen Dean     Fri, 01 Mar 2013

I have just picked up my 4th car from Philip and I can honestly say that he is so helpful, kind and unlike any other car salesman I have come acrss, that it is a pleasure to do business with him. Nothing is too much trouble and he takes all the stress out of purchasing a car. Will definitely go back for my 5th car!

Mark     Fri, 16 Nov 2012

I had been looking for a specific car for a good while, I eventually found the perfect car in the right colour at the very best price on the internet. Philip is a very honest and friendly chap. I'm very happy with the car and it was well worth the 400 mile round trip - especially as PJB is based only yards away from the train station......Thank you Philip. :-)

Sophie     Fri, 28 Sep 2012

Not only have i purchased a super Corsa to zoom around in from Philip,he also took time out to assist me with the headache involved when someone else damages your car and it`s deemed a total loss!
I would recommend anyone buying a car at PJB,money well spent.

Jo Shearman     Thu, 27 Sep 2012

Alan and I have been VERY lucky to purchase 3 cars through PJB - Philip is a very friendly professional and genuinely wants Customer Satisfaction and goes out of his way to make sure you get it - we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a secondhand car. Alan and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate that Philip at PJB Car Sales, and also Brian at Forest Motors and Philip Stonely at The Body Workshop, are all neighbours to each other and local to us, but feel even if they weren't quite so local we would still go back to them to buy or sell, service or repair a car!


Sarah Wisden     Mon, 06 Aug 2012

Philip at PJB Car Sales is quite simply the kindest and most unselfish salesman I have ever met. When I was looking to change my car, Philip gave me so much of his time helping me to find the right thing. I am very grateful to him and would trust and highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!! My Mother thinks he’s pretty good too!

june blackwell     Sat, 04 Aug 2012

i have lived in south africa for the past 40 years, am totally new to horsley, dont know anything about cars at all. an elderly lady i met talked about philip in such glowing terms i went off to see him with my daughter. the car we were leaning on was exactly what i wanted and i bought it without a test drive. i would trust philip implicitly and recommend him to anyone who, like me, has no knowledge and no-one to ask. june, horsley

Carol Evans     Wed, 25 Jul 2012

This is the second time I have bought a car from Phil, part exchanging my old cars in the process. Would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a car. His helpfulness and knowledge make the whole purchase process painless (except for parting with your money)!

C. Hindle     Wed, 18 Jul 2012

I popped in one evening on the way home from work to see if there were any cars that took my fancy and were within my budget. I was very pleasantly surprised by the depth of Customer Service I was given at this stage, and was even more delighted when I had a call from Phillip a few weeks later saying he had found exactly what I was looking for. That was over a year ago and I have been very happy with the car. I have also used the service garage and body shop either side of PJB cars and have found it great that they can look after all of my needs. I would definitely use them in the future.

Frankie Durrant     Mon, 07 May 2012

Bought my lovely Mazda 3 from Phil 2 weeks ago and runs like a dream. We got fab customer service and Phil bent over backwards to help me and sell my old car for me, dispite it's problems. Definitely recommend PJBCARSALES to everyone!!!

Mrs Denise Meaghan     Fri, 30 Mar 2012

I was recommended to see Phil at PJB Car Sales by my mum, as I was in desperate need for a decent, reliable car. Phil found exactly what I was looking for, exactly to my budget, with no hard sales and with a very realxed attitude. I needed the car to go on holiday and Phil very kindly stayed open late to enable me to drive from Portsmouth to pick it up. I am extremely happy with both the car and the service I received, and I will have no hesitation in recommending Phil to my friends and family. Thank you.

Gavin Megaw     Wed, 28 Mar 2012

Due to a new arrival in the family we urgently needed a people carrier. Philip talked us through the options, including pros and cons of the different models, and sourced us a great value Mazda5 that we love. We can't speak highly enough about Philip. He is a true professional and a gentleman of great integrity; an absolute pleasure to do business with. It is clear why so many people are repeat buyers with him.

Marcus Paxford     Mon, 19 Mar 2012

I was looking for a Galaxy with low mileage and the spec of which phillip was advertising one perfect for our family. I found his manor, ethics and approach to sales very relaxing. This made feel very secure about buying our galaxy from PJB, would recommend to anyone especially if you don't buy cars often. I feel you can trust what you buy.
Cheers Phillip
Will see you again in a few years time.

Duncan Goudge     Sat, 25 Feb 2012

We purchased a great car for my father in law and found Phil to be very helpfull and up front about the car.
He is a car dealer i would recomend to frends and family and would buy from again Thanks

dave maslen     Wed, 15 Feb 2012

we purchased a lovely 10 year old s-type from Phil recently ,it was nice to meet a car dealer that was up front and honest about the car and very helpful with the full history of the car, well worth the hours drive to view the car thanks Dave

Amy     Sat, 14 Jan 2012

My Ford KA that I bought from PJB in Summer 2011 is perfect. Philip was so helpful in finding the most suitable car for me taking into consideration all my criteria. When he found it there was no pressure to buy, just good, friendly and honest advice. I would recommend PJB every time.

Thank you very much Philip, still very much enjoying driving my little car!

Rob     Sat, 24 Dec 2011

I purchased a Toyota Corolla in Summer 2011 from PJB and can honestly say that Philip has changed the way I think of car dealers. There is no pressure at all and he is very honest and friendly.

Still enjoying the car 6 months on!



cheryl     Wed, 30 Nov 2011

I have just bought a Mazda 2 1.5 sports from Phillip and am delighted with it! Phillip was so thoughtful, honest and knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me. The package deal he offers on the Mazda is great value and such a relief to know that you are dealing with someone who wants the best for you and will put all his efforts into achieving it. I would not hesitate to recommend PJB cars to anyone. A huge thank you to Phillip and his lovely family for all their excellent care and attention....I promise to look after it!

Jim Crouch     Mon, 07 Nov 2011

I'd been looking for a Diesel Focus Estate for a while decided to look at one on PJB's website. It seemed a bit far from Maidstone, but the response I received on the telephone was not like you would expect from most car sales, quite the opposite. My first impression when speaking to phillip was that of an honest guy going out of his way to be helpful which was re-enforced when we met. I was not under any pressure to buy the car but I'm glad that I did, it was a pleasure doing business, if only it were always this way. When I'm looking for my next car I will almost certainly be back and will recommend him to my friends
Thank you for a fair and honest deal

Maria - Horsley     Sun, 30 Oct 2011

I bought my Mazda5 people carrier from Philip at PJB just over a year ago, a friend had recommended I go there. The car has been excellent, it has just been back for its 12 month service, no problems, and great value at £155. Philip offers a tremendous package all round, he is honest and a pleasure to deal with, and great value for money. I am really happy with the car, it has been a good buy. I will purchase again in the future. Thank you!

Therezinha     Wed, 31 Aug 2011

Dear Philip, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Hyundai Amica. It is absolutely delightful to drive and I am most grateful for all your service and attention. Many thanks.

Jean Richardson     Wed, 31 Aug 2011

As I needed to replace my car,and didn't have my husband to advise me, I was dreading it. I needn't have worried I went to see Phil at PJBCARSALES and he was so helpful with none of the hard sales you sometime get. I chose a Hyundai Getz and would recommend anyone needing a good used to go and see Phil.

mrs s wilson     Sun, 07 Aug 2011

Phil was recommended to me and after looking online I went down to see a car I had seen which was a little over my budget but after driving it and speaking to phil I decided to pop a deposit down as he made the whole process easy! I still had to sell my car in order to get some money to pay and he held the car until I could sell mine! its nice to do business with a local business and not feel pressure that some garages put on you trying to get the sale...this local garage doesn't..be happy to recommend to any of my friends...

Frances Lawrence     Wed, 27 Jul 2011

A friend told me to go and see Philip. I didn't expect what I found! I thought this would be a little local garage with a few second hand cars and if they had something I wanted I would be very lucky. How wrong can you be. Phillip is so knowledgeable about most makes of car, down to earth and honest, which is a refreshing change. He told us if he didn't have what we wanted then he would get it for us and lend us a car in the meantime. He didn't need to, we found a cracking Hyundai on the forecourt with 45 miles on the clock. Even my son thinks it's "really cool" and wants to drive it. His friends have christened her "Eliza"! So we're all extremely happy, and I will definitely be visiting Philip when I want to replace the car.

Sylvie Neel-Lewis     Tue, 26 Jul 2011

I got my Mazda MX5 yesterday. Went to work with it today. What a pleasure to be driving such a well appointed car. Philip was wonderful in helping with the purchase. Could not have asked for better service. This is the second (and a half!) car we have bought from him and would not dream of going anywhere else for a car. Could not buy a car from a nicer person!

Donna Smith     Sun, 05 Jun 2011

I have to say that we purchased a car for our daughter (her first car) and Philip couldnt have been more helpful. He was kind courteous and very professional. It was a big surprise for her 18th birthday, she absolutely loved it! Thank you so much to both Philip and his lovely wife Nicola.

Jude Morton     Wed, 18 May 2011

I've just purchased a Honda Jazz from Philip and I'm absolutely delighted with my new car.

It is always a real pleasure to deal with Philip. So refreshing to do business with a friendly, straightforward and honest business person. I would not hesitate to recommend PJB Car Sales to others.


Jane     Fri, 06 May 2011

We bought a Mazda 3 from Philip a little while ago, He was so helpful and was great at identifying which car would meet out needs best. The Mazda has been as reliable as promised and I would say that Philip is a rarity amongst car salesman, straightforward and honest.

Eileen - Great Bookham     Tue, 03 May 2011

I have used the services of pjb car sales for many years and recommended philip to my friends. He is honest and he is friendly which i like. Nothing is too much trouble the after sales care is second to none in my opinion. Thank you philip.

Peter Redman     Thu, 28 Apr 2011

What a joy buying a car from Philip is. In fact it becomes a pleasure parting with the money to an honest, non pushy, friendly chap in exchange for an amazing second hand car. I not only bought a great car but gained a friend who I would recommend to anyone who is interested in REAL customer service.

Y Pajuelo     Tue, 18 Jan 2011

our family have been fortunate enough to purchase several cars from Philip at PJB car sales over the years. We have found him to be highly professional and extremely helpful. If you are looking for first rate service and reasonable prices, then PJB car sales is a 'must' to visit!

Greg     Tue, 18 Jan 2011

Bought a car from PJB Car Sales a few days ago. I am very pleased with the purchase. Philip was very friendly and helpful. A first-class service!

B Walker - Effingham     Tue, 18 Jan 2011

I have dealt with Philip at PJB Car sales for years, he is always helpful, honest and offers great overall value! This is a very rare thing nowadays, especially in the garage and car sales industry! I have recommended him to friends and family. If PJB do not have the car you are looking for just tell them what you would like and they will find it for you. Why deal with faceless main dealers, with high prices and low customer care/service when you have this excellent business locally!

Peter Scull     Thu, 09 Dec 2010

9th December 2010

I have now bought 2 cars from Philip over the last 3 years and he has been more than fair with helpful advice and a very pleasant manner.
Never pushy and always honest which you do not find easily these days!
The 2 cars have been extremely reliable and with the added bonus of car servicing and bodywork next door make the package very appealing.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anywone looking for a car in the future.

Peter Scull
Cobham, Surrey

Jacqueline white     Fri, 26 Nov 2010

I have now bought 2 cars from Philip, the service is outstanding, Philip is very friendly and is very knowledgeable, both cars have been reliable, I have now asked him to find my son his first car - He also sold my niece her first car and she is so delighted with it. I would highly recommend him to friends and family Thank you Philip

sharon - Feltham     Fri, 19 Nov 2010

I have just bought my second car from PJB Car Sales, Philip gives good advise and is not pushy nothing is too much trouble, always helpful. The service the garage offers is really quite unique nowadays. I would highly recommend PJB Car Sales!

I Muriel, Twickenham     Mon, 08 Nov 2010

Helpful, friendly, honest, not pushy, a great car and service with a smile.

jacquie East Horsley     Thu, 04 Nov 2010

I have just bought a car from Philip great car, philip very helpful not what you expect a car sales man to be like. I would recommend Philip any day.

Marie Woking     Thu, 04 Nov 2010

I passed my test years and years ago and have just bought my first car from Philip. I found Philip to be very helpful, patient and honest not your average car sales man, and trusted him completly would not go to another dealer would recommend him 100%

N Johnson     Thu, 21 Oct 2010

Brilliant - if only all car salesmen were like this. Phil is extermely helpful, goes the extra mile and will ALWAYS help. The cars just keep going! I know that customers from a previous dealer that Phil worked for actually followed him to his new business - there is no better recommendation!

Mara Le Roux     Tue, 19 Oct 2010

When I was looking for a car recently, Philip was highly recommended to me by a work colleague who has bought several cars from him and I was not disappointed. In spite of several little hiccups from my side, he remained supportive and extremely patient. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip to anyone wishing to buy an excellent car and as for myself, I certainly wouldn't go anywhere else ever again.

Anne Waldron     Mon, 18 Oct 2010

Anne-Great Bookham-Monday 18th October 2010

I have known Philip for over 20 years and have always found him to be honest and trustworthy. He will find you a car that is in tip top condition and will make sure that the price is fair. The added advantage of having Forest Motors and a Body Repair next door is a bonus - making it easier for all servicing and repairs. I would without a doubt recommend Philip to anyone I thought needed a good car and the caring and helpful manner in which he conducts his business goes without saying.

Sue     Sun, 17 Oct 2010

I have known Phillip for 13 years, I have brought many cars from him . He is the most trust worthy man in the car trade

Dave - Fetcham     Sat, 16 Oct 2010

Just purchased another car from Philip and once again he found me a super car at the right price.
I traded in the car he sold me before and it was a simple, efficient and genuine pleasure to do business again.
I thoroughly recommend Philip to anyone looking for a car and I would never go anywhere else.


Pam - Bookham     Fri, 15 Oct 2010

I have dealt with Philip for nearly ten years. He has always been honest, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. The service that PJB Car Sales at Forest garage offers very useful with mechanical workshop and body repair shop all on one site. They offer main dealer back up with local garage prices. I have recommended people over the years and they have experienced the same great service. Philip cares about his customers and the service his company offers.

pauline gay     Fri, 15 Oct 2010

Fantastic in every way. Extremely helpful, honest etc. Have never come across a car sales organisation before with such degree of commitment to customers.

Jane Ravenhill     Fri, 15 Oct 2010

Wonderful service, trustworthy, Philip has super 'guard' dog(!), I am so glad I found them, highly recommended!

Alison - Efffingham     Fri, 15 Oct 2010

Philip took the trouble to find the "right" car for me and a month later I am still very happy with my purchase! The part exchange on my old car was completely hassle-free and I would have no hesitation in recommending PJB Car Sales to anyone who wants reliable and helpful advice when looking to buy a car.

Michelle Musgrove     Thu, 14 Oct 2010

Having bought several cars from PJB Car Sales the service has always been of a very high standard. Philip is always very helpful & reliable and the cars have been of excellent condition.